We can’t do this alone!

Earth Sentinel pulls from some of the greatest minds and organisations in many different sectors. Recognising that we can’t do this alone, we have built relationships with myriad organisations. We work with think tanks, imaging specialists, machine learning and artificial intelligence experts. And we have the power of established large organisations, the savvy of exceptional quality design and marketing teams, and regulatory bodies.


The sum is definitely greater than its parts.


Global Blockchain Business Council

The Global Blockchain Business Council is the leading industry association for the blockchain technology ecosystem.

Launched in Davos in 2017, the GBBC brings together innovators and thought-leaders from over 50 countries to further adoption of blockchain technology by engaging and educating regulators, business leaders, and lawmakers on the benefits and applications of this groundbreaking technology.

We believe in blockchain technology’s ability to create more secure, equitable, and functional societies around the globe.

Tutorum Training

Tutorum build learning ecosystems. We use artificial intelligence, behavioural psychology, and the learning sciences to build online learning delivery supported by skilled tutors. Our platforms are some of the most technologically advanced available anywhere in the world, and we use that technology to maximise the relationship between learner and teacher, creating informed, personalised journeys through curriculum content.


VALUABLES Consortium

VALUABLES is a collaboration with NASA to measure how satellite information benefits people and the environment when it is used to make decisions.


Offering blockchain solutions in banking, insurance, carbon credits, health care, bio tech, etc. Using cutting edge technology, industry experts, and world renowned thought leaders to change business as usual.

ZEST The Agency

We put people at the heart of everything we do. Whether that’s our people, our clients, or your audience.

We’re a team of marketing specialists, with combined skills across brand, campaign, digital, media, PR and social, working together to bring you closer to your audience. We do everything you’d expect from an integrated agency and we have a team of experts that delivers every one of those services. We exist to make your team and your business stronger.

Northwestern Analytics

Help companies identify what to improve, forecast the future and optimize next steps.
Improvements include automation and scaling to compete in AI driven market. Forecasting includes market forces and customer behavior. Optimization involves knowing what steps to take with that information – optimize revenue, retain customers, evolve strategies.

Green Reach

Financial stability and inclusion, education, health care, these are some of the keys to lift people out of poverty traps. We at Green Reach aim to bring the power of the cooperatives to small farmers, to lift them out of poverty and protect the environment, for them, and for all.

UK Behavioural Economics

UKBE uses Behavioural Economics to take a fresh approach to a variety of contemporary issues, focusing primarily on the area of recycling and sustainability. There are myriad factors which influence people’s decisions, not all of them rational; UKBE’s in depth understanding of these factors guides its implementation of modest changes in current messaging, the effects of which can be potentially enormous.

Finserv Experts

Providing thought leadership in all things blockchain, machine learning, and AI. Along with an impressive client list, FSE has made fundamental changes to the banking industry to enable financial inclusion for entire unbanked populations, while simultaneously reducing risks for banks and lending institutions.