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Earth sentinel is driven by low earth orbit satellite pictures. Visualisation is a powerful aid to behaviour change. Dr. Neil deGrasses Tyson, Astrophysicist,  hypothesised that the USA’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) established in 1970 could not have been created before 1970. Primarily because we had gone to the moon in 1969, and for the first time, we saw images of our lonley planet. The ability to look back and see our planet, isolated and alone, was a powerful driver for change and allowed us to recognise that our environment is fragile.

Earth Sentinel aims to make available visual proof of the positive impact that individual and SME’s can have on the environment. Our vision is to bring the power of low earth observation to many more people and organisations, and not just a tool for governments and large conglomerations who can afford it. 

Trusted – Verified – Data Agnostic

Current Projects

Plastics in the ocean

Using cutting edge machine learning and AI to find where there are large amounts of plastics in the oceans. We aim to enhance our algorithms to backtrack, to find the source. Then we can work on solving the problem of why the plastic is there in the first place.

Blue Carbon Tokens

Blue Carbon is defined as the carbon captured from the Sea and water based sources. Unlike onshore carbon markets. Blue Carbon has yet to have standards and regulation. Earth Sentinel aims to bring trusted and verified blue carbon tokens to market.


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